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Turn your mobile phone into a microscope!


June 2012


IVO Associates is introducing the KeepLoop – a revolutionary miniature microscope module into the UK market. Manufactured in Finland, the KeepLoop turns an ordinary mobile phone (or iPad, laptop) into a good quality microscope by attaching a thin magnetic microscope module in front of the phone’s lens. It’s accurate to one hundredth of a millimetre.

Using KeepLoop is very easy: attach it to your mobile, turn on the LED light source, start the phone camera, preview the image and click! The microscope module fits easily in your pocket.


The KeepLoop is already in use in industrial markets, in the life sciences sector and for general education. Users want to quickly examine samples and then transmit microscope images with their mobile phone to anywhere in the world.  Examples include imaging of currency notes/security, skin, print quality, medical samples and electronic components to assist manufacturers with quality control.

Rapid Biosensor Systems announces a strategic agreement and collaboration on TB Diagnostics


January 2011

Rapid Biosensor Systems Ltd (RBS) today announced that it has entered into a strategic agreement with Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, Inc., to bring RBS’s medical Breathalyser device for screening of active Tuberculosis into production. Under the agreement, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics will have an option on worldwide exclusive rights to commercialize the TB Breathalyser which is a device capable of detecting TB in less than 5 minutes from taking a cough sample.

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics will collaborate with RBS to complete the TB Breathalyser design for manufacture and will have the right to negotiate further terms in 2011/2012.


Dennis Camilleri is CEO and Co-Founder of Rapid Biosensor Systems Ltd.

Midaz Laser amplifier delivers 15W from microchip laser


August 2011


Microchip lasers with sub ns pulse duration and 200mW output power have been amplified to >15Watts using a Midaz DPSS laser air-cooled amplifier.  The combination of microchip lasers and Midaz amplifiers will open up applications for laser micromachining and high speed marking of semiconductor and other materials for the electronics and photovoltaic markets.


Dennis Camilleri is Business Development Manager at Midaz Lasers Ltd, a spin-out company from Imperial College London.


IVO Associates source and deliver precision optical components and optical sub-assemblies


After more than 30 years of experience in sales and marketing of photonics products we are often asked to deliver high quality precison optics from reputable suppliers who have been vetted by us.  Our partners have the capacity to schedule the delivery of optics, coatings and optical sub-assemblies in glass or moulded plastics for high volume industrial, medical and consumer applications.  Customers include manufacturers of light sensors, disposable medical devices and mobile phones.


Our partners have supplied prisms and optical filters for the Rapid Biosensor TB Breathalyser and Reader products.